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Why Your Kids Could Be Misbehaving After Going Back To School

Have your kids been misbehaving after going back to school? This is a common issue which many parents face each year. Dr. Elizabeth recently appeared on KATV Channel 7’s program, Good Afternoon Arkansas, to explain this phenomenon and what you can do to help your children during this time. Watch the full story by clicking the link: Why your kids could be misbehaving

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Spend more time with your children and improve their confidence

One of the most valuable things we can give our children is our time. By spending quality time with our kids, we are teaching them life skills and continuously building a better relationship with them. They look to us for answers and affirmations as well as love and encouragement. In turn, the attention and time we give our children boosts their self-confidence and self-esteem. By spending more time enjoying parenthood, our kids will reap significant benefits.

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Ways to help your children develop self-esteem and confidence

Self-esteem and confidence are major traits in individuals that affect their success. While these are a lifelong process, the foundation of it needs to be established in early childhood. Building self-esteem will allow the child to deal with difficult situations that they will encounter during their lifetime. Since parents have the greatest influence on a child’s belief, it is important for them to let their child know where they belong, how well they are doing and contribute towards developing confidence and self-esteem.

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