Pre-marital Counseling

In Pre-Marital Counseling, we use multiple tools for assessing relationships.

Whether you’re contemplating marriage, or have been married for decades, pre-marital counseling, like marital counseling, is for all couples.

One of the tools Dr. Elizabeth uses is PREPARE/ENRICH. This leading relationship inventory and skill-building set designs a pre-marital counseling program for you. Counselors nationally and internationally use this method.

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The PREPARE/ENRICH assessment is customized for a couple’s pre-marital relationship. Dr. Elizabeth utilizes the information to clarify a couple’s needs. This quickly gets to the root of any issues. You can start improving your relationship skills immediately. Through pre-marital counseling, you lay a good foundation for years to come.

Helping couples evaluate and strengthen their relationship is not an easy task.

In pre-marital counseling, we go over:

How to encourage productive conversations.

How to address issues couples have, even if they are not yet aware of the problems.

How to identify their relationship strengths.

How to teach relationship skills to help couples with current issues and to prevent future problems.

How can Dr. Elizabeth quickly understand a couple’s needs and maximize her impact?

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