Divorce Counseling & Post-Divorce Counseling

Divorce Counseling & Post-Divorce Counseling

Have you decided to end your marriage with as little collateral damage as possible?

You and your spouse have a long history together. Maybe you don’t know how to move forward.

You may not have even decided for sure if you want a divorce; perhaps you just want someone objective to support you through this difficult decision.

Divorce counseling could be the answer.

What happens next? Our lives are so entangled, how do we do this?

If you’re worried about how to move forward while considering divorce, or if you are going through the painful process of divorce, our experienced divorce counselors can guide you.

There are so many details to keep in mind, and thinking you need to do it all on your own can easily feel overwhelming.

If you have children, you worry how the kids will handle this, how to manage your time with them, and how to figure out who will keep what.

Correctly navigating all the decisions, for this critical juncture, will set you and your family on a more stable, positive path in the future.

Expert divorce counseling now can save you time and money down the road.

Dr. Elizabeth has guided couples through this before, so they can clarify the decisions you and your spouse need to make in order to come to an agreement. You can work with Dr. Elizabeth to create a mutually agreed upon plan so that your whole family can move on peacefully. Don’t wait any longer, call or schedule today.

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