Co-Parenting Therapy is for You.

Co-parenting therapy gives the opportunity to talk about the best interests of a child. If you are the parent, guardian, stepparent, or caregiver, you can also benefit. This is a neutral nonjudgemental environment. Co-parenting therapy can help navigate issues. Therefore, we approach from a maneuverable standpoint to hear all sides. Each member of the system speaks with a professional, who is experienced in working with children and families.

Co-Parenting & Adjusting

You each come from a Family of Origin, which had its own structure, rules (spoken and unspoken) and value systems. Coming together to raise a child, co-parenting, has many frustrations. When a marriage is ended, it too can have its own hurdles and frustrations because now you are limited in what you can do to help your child when they are in a completely different home for periods of time. Helping parents stay on the same page is what co-parenting is all about.

Co-Parenting therapy is a facet of Dr. Elizabeth’s Self Worth Therapy plan. Contact her today to better your experience with your child and ex.

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