Blended Families

Blended Families Work. Here’s How:

Blended Families is one of the toughest things you will ever do. Having a relationship with another human being is even tougher, when trying to blend two families!

Blended families, or step-families, can create challenges as children and each individual parent comes with a unique style of parenting. When adapting to a new family system, everyone can experience some form of tension, resentment, and even stress. Whether it’s a conflict between their biological parents, between one parent and the other parent’s new partner, or with their new siblings, someone is going to feel unheard. Before, during, or after the family system has changed, it is never too late to get help with the transition.

Creating New with Old is a challenge. From parenting styles to family of Origin issues, working with two (or more) family dynamics is a tough challenge. A Marriage and Family Therapist can help by walking along side you as a parent, a spouse, and above all a human being who is just trying to navigate the difficulties in working with others.
Some of the frustrations of parenting are difficult enough but when you blend families of children, teens, and even in-laws, the daunting task of balancing everyone can seem overwhelming. You’re doing the best you can and I am here to help with any feelings of “stuckness”, challenges, and hurdles.

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