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Don’t be embarrassed to go to couples therapy

It takes time and energy to have a healthy relationship. Many couples are embarrassed about seeking help and are afraid or anxious about making an appointment. They may believe it is a sign of weakness or that love should be enough. One or both of the partners may feel like their friends or family are judging them for not being able to resolve issues on their own. The truth is seeking help is actually a sign of strength.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to take that first step and attend couples therapy. The easy thing to do is ignore the issues and sweep them under the rug or cope in unhealthy ways. Relationships go through numerous phases, and it is normal for there to be some rough patches. However, the strength of a relationship is reflected in how the couple handles these times and move forward.

Perhaps one or both of you feels that something is not quite right in your relationship. You feel misunderstood, unheard, sad, and lonely. You’ve probably tried to work through these things on your own, but find yourself stuck in the same patterns and arguments.  Communication may be strained or impossible, and you may feel as though your emotional needs are being ignored.

Regardless of the issue, don’t wait until one of you is ready to give up or walk out the door to start counseling. Whether the issue is communication or  problems related to infidelity or sexual dissatisfaction, couples therapy can help in dealing with issues. Relationships can be saved and improved, if only the people involved take that first step and reach out for help.

The goal of couples therapy is oriented to not only solve problems the couple is facing, but also to help strengthen or revive the feeling of love and affection for each other.  Are you ready to take the first step to improving your relationship? Call Dr. Elizabeth today to setup an appointment and start your journey towards a more fulfilling, healthy relationship.

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